Print Your Own Protest Signs

Here are jpg images you can use to print out signs on your computer printer. Display the signs in house windows or wherever else people can see them....and give them to your neighbors.

INSTRUCTIONS: Right-click (control-click on a Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As...” to save the document to your computer.

INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to print in LANDSCAPE orientation. (Let us know on the contact page if it's not printing properly and tell us what brands of computer/printer you are using.)

For Letter Size Paper (8.5 x 11)

For 11 x 17 inch Paper (8.5 x 11)


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City of Lakewood Case Information

Click Here to go to the City of Lakewood website to see the documents related to this project.


Denver Post Article

Click Here to read what the Denver Post reported on the public meeting in June.


Golden Transcript Article

Click Here to read how the Jeffco county commissioners are moving forward without public input. Contact the commissioners (see below) and tell them to kill this plan and find a different location for the facility.


Make your voice heard. Contact the City of Lakewood and Jeffco officials listed below.

Please, Please, Please send an E-Mail: Lots of written documentation is critical and each letter will be reviewed by the Lakewood Planning Commission.

Email often between today and August 24th.


Here's what to say

"TELL JEFFCO NO" in the subject line and then say--

“I strongly oppose the Intervention Correctional Center Services (ICCS) facility proposed at 11100 W 8th Ave. I urge the Lakewood Planning Commission to vote NO on the Special Use Permit request".

Then add your personal comments.


Send to:

Lakewood Officials

(Most Important) Secretary to the Planning Commission
Mayor Bob Murphy
Councilor Adam Paul
Councilor Ramey Johnson
Councilor Karen Kellen
Councilor Scott Koop
Councilor Cindy Baroway
Councilor Shakti
Councilor David Wiechman
Councilor Karen Harrison
Councilor Tom Quinn
Planning Dept Manager Paul Rice
Planning Dept Project Manager Mark Doering
City Manager Kathy Hodgson

Jeffco Commissioners

Commissioner Libby Szabo
Commissioner Casey Tighe
Commissioner Donald Rosier
County Administrator Ralph Schell

If you have Microsoft Outlook or another email program that can handle it, clicking the links below may work. After opening the new email, be sure to click 'Check Names' in Outlook or a similar button in another program.

Email all Lakewood addresses

Email all Jeffco Commissioners



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