From the Residents Point of View

Jefferson County has been trying to put this facility in our area for the last 2 years. In 2013 it was proposed just North of us at Colfax and Wide Acres. In 2014 it was proposed Southwest of us at the Fairgrounds. Both of those were defeated. They need to be stopped again since they have now found an even worse location. The proposed location is 3 blocks from the Daniels Welchester neighborhood on the West and 2 blocks from the Eiber neighborhood on the East.

This ICCS proposal calls the location just an industrial area and at first glance it may look like that. However we have done our research and if you look a little closer that is definitely not the case. The area is adjacent to an industrial area. It is actually zoned commercial. Within 8 blocks of the proposed location is the ICCS Women's facility for women coming out of prison and the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) for kids just picked up by police for committing a crime.

Statistics for the current men's facility are difficult to find. But the ICCS men's and women's facilities are the primary community corrections facilities in the county.

There are stats for all community corrections 'clients' in Jeffco. According to the Jeffco Justice Services 2014 (FY) Annual Report* (terminated cases):

  • There were 96 sex offenders.
  • For those in residential programs:
    • 44% successfully completed the program
    • 76 people were kicked out for committing new crimes or for technical violations and 35 people escaped
    • The rest were classified as 'continuous stay," "other" or "unknown.".

The 8th & Quail location for the men's facility will:

  • Put at-risk youth and the women from the ICCS West halfway house at the same bus stops on a regular basis as un-supervised adult male offenders. Increasing their likelihood of re-offending.
  • Concentrate these sites in one area and create a "hub." The designation of this hub will cause new businesses and developers to look elsewhere.
  • Add 250 emergency calls a year to our local fire station, keeping emergency responders from responding to emergencies in our neighborhood.

In addition, there is already a multitude of other county services located here that should not be in the vicinity of this facility:

  • Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC) - directly across the street - serving youth and adults with developmental disabilities and training for those in that field.
  • Jeffco Schools - within 1 block - programs for special needs students and a training center for teachers.
  • Public Health Building - within 1 block - WIC program and Childhood immunization program
  • Arapahoe House Rehab - within two blocks - Drug and Alcohol rehab programs.
  • JAC center - within 1 block - regular probation meetings for juveniles trying to get their lives back together.

Right in the middle of services for special needs individuals and mom's seeking public health assistance for their children they want to drop 250 convicted felons, including dozens of sex offenders.... If there was a "wrong" place to put this facility...this is it. This part of our population should never have to be subjected to un-supervised adult male offenders on a regular basis.




*Report includes all community corrections clients whose cases were terminated in the year ending June 30, 2014. The men's and women's facilities are the only ones specified in the report.

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