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Posted Wednesday, Sept. 9 ---

Planning Commission TOLD JEFFCO NO!!

Lakewood Planning Commission rejects correctional facility on 4-2 vote

At tonight's meeting of the Lakewood Planning Commission, the proposal to build a community corrections facility at 8th & Quail was defeated. Four of the six commissioners voted against the special use permit that Jefferson County needed to build the new facility.

Jefferson County could still challenge the decision in court. We'll let you know if that happens.

Each commissioner made a statement before the vote. It was clear that the commissioners heard the concerns of the businesses and the residents of Eiber and Daniels Welchester. Those who voted against the correctional facility agreed that the process was flawed and that we had not been given a chance to participate in the decision by the county to site the facility near our neighborhood. But the vote was on very specific issues and the commissioners who voted against the special use permit indicated they believed the use would adversely impact the nearby properties and that a facility of that size on such a small parcel of land was inappropriate for that location.

Thanks to everyone for the support during the past two months and for coming out in force to tell the Lakewood City Council and the Jeffco Commissioners that we love our neighborhoods and will fight to keep them the great places they are. And thanks to all of the businesses who stood with us. They are great neighbors. -m

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