From the Business Point of View

What business owners can do

In addition to attending meetings (click here for meeting list), contact the mayor and members of the city council directly by phone, email or letter. Also contact the Jeffco Commissioners.

How this facility will hurt area businesses

This ICCS facility would have a direct effect on growth in this area and on Lakewood business in general. (ICCS is the contractor that operates the community corrections facilities for the county.)

  • The businesses on Simms are already experiencing issues (trespassing, customer harassment, trash etc.) with just the 60 women at the ICCS West Women's facility. This will not encourage any expansion by existing businesses.
  • By concentrating the correctional facilities in one area, businesses will be reluctant to locate here. Whether there is a substantial increase in crime or not, just the perception of crime and stigma of locating by a correctional "hub" will inhibit growth.
  • Union Corridor restaurants and hotels see this as jeopardizing future growth from an area with large employers. The upscale nature of the Union corridor may be tarnished by a correctional hub in such close proximity.
  • Attracting business into the properly zoned areas is crucial to Lakewood growth. One of the few industrial areas in the city is directly to the North of the proposed facility. If manufacturing is not encouraged to locate there, they will encroach on other areas of the city.
  • Manufacturing needs wide streets and less foot traffic due to the large volume of trucks in and out all day. 250 men walking through twice a day to public transportation will create a huge liability, especially when many of these people don't know how to follow rules. Each year, almost a third of the population of the two ICCS facilities commits a new crime or otherwise break the rules and are kicked out of the program, or escape. (Jeffco Justice Services 2014 Annual Report data for men's and women's facilities)
  • Increased security will be needed by employers due to safety concerns of the employees.
  • The Quail Street King Soopers is looking to move and that will leave a dead shopping center. The revitalization of that shopping center and other parts of Colfax will be difficult that close to two correctional facilities. The abandoned Target stood there as an eyesore for years. We don't need another eyesore.

In fact, the current menís correctional facility is moving because of the revitalization of Colfax at JCRS. They are moving the problem to our community.

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